EU HNS TTX JO successfully conducted

Thanks to all participants and staff members we had a very informative and successful training.
The following organisations were present at the exercise: the UN OCHA office (Head of Office and the Humanitarian Affairs Associate), WFO and WFP, and the representative of the UN Office for Palestine.
Furthermore, the delegate of the IFRC, from the Red Crescent of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation were able to join our exercise.
Experts from the Ministries of Interior, Energy, Health, Water and Irrigation, Public Works, and Housing participated.
Decision makers from the National Center for Security and Crises Management, the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, the Gendarmerie forces, and the Jordanian Medical Services completed the full range of stakeholders who are active in a disaster of the dimension, we simulated in the TTX scenario.