Emergency response to the devasting earthquake in Turkey and Syrian Arab Republic

(c) DG ECHO - ERCC daily map (09. Feb 2023)
The EU HNS TTX consortium wishes all people and friends of the Civil Protection community, involved in the response mission in Turkey a successful and safe mission. The Romanian Department for Emergency Situations, the consortium leader of the EU HNS project, was deploying response teams, a USAR and an EMT module to the disaster areas in Turkey. Additionally, reacting to the request of the Syrian Arab Republic, through the European Civil Protection Mechanism for the grant of international assistance, Romania, supports Syria through relief goods, consisting of several types of barracks products, clothing but also food products, and canned goods. Details of the transport of these contributions are being established between the Department of Emergency Situations and the European Commission.
21 EU Member States together with Albania, Montenegro and Serbia have offered in a total of 38 rescue and medical teams via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. More than 1,650 rescuers and 104 search dogs have been deployed to the most affected areas in Türkiye. So far, 36 people have been rescued by the search and rescue teams deployed via the Mechanism.
When it comes to Syria, Italy and Romania have already made first offers including, family tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, beds, food items, winter clothing, and more.
That’s what we are preparing and training for in the Civil Protection Knowledge Network!
(c) DG ECHO – ERCC daily map (09. Feb 2023)