The role of Virtual reality in the project

There are just some weeks left under our second EU HNS tabletop exercise in Moldova (22. – 24. February). In the meantime, we use the next Mondays, to tell a little bit more information on the tabletop-exercise topics. Today we will make you familiar with Virtual Reality.
Through the exercise, the participants are in the role to train with virtual reality simulations, so they have the impression of how real missions would look like.
Thanks to our partner of the Virtual reality simulation team, they provide different virtual reality scenarios, so the exercise puts the participant in difficult situations. This should help to increase the level of robustness and response in case of disasters. “In addition, it helps to develop the emergency response system, the training of professionals in the field, namely commanders, doctors, firefighters, and other staff members and also to improve the processes of cooperation for a quick and effective response in a real emergency”, so Dr Turucz Emilia the head of the Virtual Reality Simulation team of the EU HNS consortium.