Lessons Learned and final report in preparation

The last weeks have been quite busy, we are working on the final report for the project and analysing the Lessons Learned.

All different phases of the exercise have been evaluated by Prof. Cristian Boeriu and the outcomes and future recommendations should be soon finished. In general, the combination consisting of the EU HNS online e-learning platform, the training with the Virtual Reality scenarios and the tabletop exercise with the different units like UCPT/Modules, JCD/LEMA and EXCON could be evaluated very positively.

The implementing countries have identified the value of the HNS and close cooperation with the UCPM, so the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Moldova have been great hosting countries.

Both countries underlined the importance of working intensively together with the UCPM and expressed their interest in closer cooperation with the European Unions Civil protection system.

Colonel Eng. Firas Abu Sondos, Director of Operation and Training: “The Host Nation Support, it’s a good chance for Jordan Civil Defense and Jordan and other international organisations to check their plans, to deal with the Host Nations Support, a guideline that they are working at and it is matching with the international guidelines in such subjects, especially with the European Union.”

Lieutenant Colonel Anas Al-Madhi, International Search and Rescue Team Leader in Jordan: “It’s a great pleasure that we carry out this exercise in cooperation with the EU. The exercise ends to strengthen the joint cooperation between countries to coordinate the arrival of humanitarian aid when disaster and crisis happen. When distinguishing this exercise, it includes several nations and several cultures.”

Colonel Alexandru Oprea, head of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Republic of Moldova about his real mission experience: “The European Commission realised (last year, red.) that a huge amount of assistance is going to come to Moldova and they assumed that we will probably be congested/blocked because of this additional effort to coordinate. That’s when they decided and sent the European Union Civil Protection team to Moldova. Colleagues from the EU and IGSU colleagues will work together in the same building shoulder to shoulder”.