Hot wash-up – Why is it important to hold it soon after the exercise?

Our last Monday entry, before the TTX starts, only one day left and the preparations are soon finished.
Today we would like you to give an understanding of the topic, hot wash-up or debriefing.
A hot wash happens immediately after the exercise. This gives the participants the opportunity to discuss the experiences they made at the exercise, because the impressions are still very fresh. It is also used to discuss for participants to self-assess their performance. You can see it as a chance to explore what achievments have been accomplished, what challanges came up and what are the pontential reccomandations. Further it can be used for evaluators to clarify observations. The exercise debriefing is an important time to reflect the lessons learned from the exercise and is a critical part of large exercises. We are looking forward for our after-action review this week!

The experienced evaluators of the University of Târgu Mureş will escort the participants and the consortium to get the best results from the lessons identified and lessons learned from the TTX.

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