The TTX in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

November 21-22, the Romanian Secretary of State, Chief of the Department of Emergency Situations, Dr Raed Arafat, participated in the EU Host Nation Support TTX virtual simulation exercise under the aegis of the “Host Nation Support outside the European Union” project.
The exercise took place in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, involving 66 participants from 12 countries and runs until Friday, November 25.

The TTX started with the mini exercise, on Sunday, the 20 of November to prepare the participants of Jordan Civil Defence for the VR simulation and the workflow. The experts from JCD and other related ministries were highly motivated and contributed greatly to the HNS refresher and the setup.

The first phase of the mission cycle concentrated on the assessment and analysis, the exercise increases dynamically. After assessing and analysing the situation, the need for international assistance was clarified and prepared. Some participants were busy some were not so, like in real missions.

After the lunch break, there was a time jump, on the afternoon we were simulating the situation on day 2 of the disaster.

Day 2 was visitor’s day. We had the honour, that the acting head of Angela Martini, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and a delegation with high-ranking officers from Palestine Civil Defense visited the TTX.
By applying different virtual reality scenarios, the exercise puts the participant in difficult situations, with its objective being to increase the level of consolidation and response in case of disasters, the development of the intervention system and emergency training, continuous training of professionals in the field, but also improvement of the processes of cooperation for a quick and effective reaction in a real situation.
This exercise and implicit other civil protection activities to follow are specifically oriented towards strengthening bilateral relations of the European Union in the field of Civil Protection and emergency management.
The 23rd of November was done with the review, hot wash-up and certificate handover to 91 participants and staff of the EU HNS TTX JO was done on the 23rd of November. A short presentation of the 2 parts of the exercise evaluation (contractor and exercise) was presented by Prof. Dr Cristian Boeriu, Geir Ellingsen as Project Officer did his statement to the exercise and Dr Bogdan Pop as Project Director, together with Colonel Eng. Firas Abu Sondos, Director of Operation and Training handed the certificates to the participants…