Development of the EU HNS E-learning Course

e-learning course

The EU HNS tabletop exercises will offer the participants an online course to be prepared for participation in the exercises in November in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and in February in the Republic of Moldova. Each TTX will last for two and a half days and cover all the main elements of a mission cycle including the activation and the handover phase. The situation of the ongoing emergency of the exercise will be simulated by virtual reality-based scenarios. The two TTX will provide the platform for testing Host Nation Support (HNS) and the chain of command and control of HNS and for testing the interoperability with national and international actors. Tabletop exercises like this HNS TTX are very focused on interoperability, coordination and cooperation between many different actors and give the possibility to learn the dynamic of giving and receiving support in a major international emergency.
The Consortium is cooperating with DIE KRISENPLANER to develop a modern and up-to-date E-learning course. The newly developed content will update the participants on the EUCPM, Host Nation Support and international coordination structures.